Prosecutors: Joseph Thrane fatally shot Ruben Feliciano in Humboldt Park

Joseph Thrane / Photo from Chicago Police
Joseph Thrane / Photo from Chicago Police

Chicago Sun-Times

Joseph Thrane was in a black Saturn SUV with fellow Latin Kings flashing gang signs before he gunned down Ruben Feliciano in the Humboldt Park neighborhood May 24, authorities said.

Feliciano, a car enthusiast, was driving around in his car while his three other friends followed in three separate vehicles, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Akash Vyas said.

The SUV that Thrane was in drove by the group and then partially blocked the path of the Feliciano’s car, which was leading the others, Vyas said.

Thrane, who goes by the nickname “White Boy,” got out of the back passenger side of the SUV, threw a bottle at Feliciano’s car and tried to get inside before running back to the SUV, Vyas said.

Feliciano was able to drive away but the SUV trailed him and rammed into the back of his car while he was stopped in traffic around the 3300 block of West Division Street, prosecutors said.

The SUV rammed Feliciano’s car again, causing it to spin, Vyas said.

At this point, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Thrane allegedly pulled out a weapon and started shooting at Feliciano’s car multiple times.

Feliciano, 20, tried to drive away but struck several parked cars before coming to a stop, Vyas said.

The SUV sped away, but Feliciano’s three friends identified Thrane, of the 3200 block of West Wabansia Avenue, Vyas said.

One of Feliciano’s friends told authorities he had seen Thrane several times before, Vyas said.

Thrane was arrested Sunday. The 18-year-old Logan Square man was ordered held on $2 million bond Tuesday.

He was found delinquent twice before as a juvenile in a theft and robbery case, Vyas said.

Thrane is a ward of the state and has occasional contact with his father and grandfather, assistant public defendant Preston Jones said. His mother died, Jones said.

Thrane has a tattoo on his lower left arm that reads, “RIP Mom,” according to an arrest report.

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