Prosecutors: Jacob Shelton fatally stabbed Lucius Delaney as the two argued while doing drugs in Woodlawn

Chicago Sun-Times

Jacob Shelton | Chicago Police

Jacob Shelton | Chicago Police

A man was ordered held on $2 million bail Tuesday for allegedly stabbing Lucius Delaney to death in the Woodlawn apartment where they had been doing crack cocaine and heroin together, according to prosecutors.

Jacob Shelton, Delaney and Delaney’s girlfriend had been doing drugs Saturday night and into the morning Sunday when Shelton and the girlfriend separately left the apartment in the 6600 block of South Vernon to buy more, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Holly Grosshans said in court.

When Shelton returned, he found the other two lying down. Soon, Shelton started arguing with 45-year-old Delaney, Grosshans said.

Delaney ended up pinning Shelton, 37, to the ground and kept him pinned down for a few minutes before asking if he was “cool,” Grosshans said.

Shelton eventually left the room, but came back armed with a knife and stabbed Delaney, Grosshans said.

Lucius Delaney | Facebook

Lucius Delaney | Facebook

Delaney, with a stab wound to his chest, grabbed a chair and began running away from Shelton. But he fell to the ground and Shelton stabbed him again, Grosshans said.

Delaney’s girlfriend ran out of the apartment with the knife and called 911, Grosshans said. She returned with another person, and that person also called 911.

Both knocked and kicked on the door of the apartment, but Shelton refused to open it, Grosshans said.

When paramedics arrived, Shelton opened the door and Delaney was found unresponsive on the living room floor, Grosshans said.

Shelton was arrested and charged with murder. The knife, identified by witnesses as the murder weapon, was taken by police for evidence.

Both Delaney and Shelton are listed as living at the South Vernon address.

Shelton has three children and takes care of his terminally ill mother, an assistant public defender said.

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