Former teacher remembers Joshua Martinez as serious student

Joshua Martinez’ was an “extraordinarily charming” person who became involved in gangs at a young age, a former teacher said. Martinez, 20, was fatally shot about 1 a.m. Sunday during a fight in the 3000 block of West 53rd Place, authorities said. Prosecutors claim 17-year-old Angel Jara shot Martinez multiple times during a dispute over … Read more →

Prosecutors: Angel Jara fatally shot Joshua Martinez during dispute over money

BY MICHAEL LANSU Homicide Watch Chicago Editor Angel Jara was denied bond Monday for allegedly fatally shooting a fellow gang member during a dispute over money early Sunday in the Gage Park neighborhood, prosecutors said. On Saturday, Jara and Joshua Martinez got into an argument over the phone about money that the 17-year-old Jara allegedly … Read more →

Angel Jara

Suspected in the April 13, 2014 death of Joshua Martinez.