Celia Cruz Reyes | Homicide Watch Chicagohttp://homicides.suntimes.com/victims/celia-cruz-reyes/Latest news about Celia Cruz Reyesen-usFri, 17 Mar 2017 16:57:22 -0500Jury finds man guilty of killing Samantha Welch and Celia Cruz Reyes, setting house on fire to cover crimehttp://homicides.suntimes.com/2017/03/17/guilty-verdict-in-case-of-man-charged-with-killing-samantha-welch-and-celia-cruz-reyes-and-setting-house-on-fire-to-cover-crime/<p>By JEFF MAYES<br /> Chicago Sun-Times Wire<br /> <img src="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/showmugshot-300x225.jpg" alt="Adam Ruiz | Cook County Sheriff&#039;s Dept." width="300" height="225" class="size-medium wp-image-24837" srcset="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/showmugshot-300x225.jpg 300w, http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/showmugshot-500x375.jpg 500w, http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/showmugshot.jpg 624w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Adam Ruiz | Cook County Sheriff's Dept.</p><br /> A man who called police in Denver in 2015 to confess to killing his half-sister, <a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/victims/samantha-welch/">Samantha Welch</a>, and her friend, <a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/victims/celia-cruz-reyes/">Celia Cruz Reyes,</a> on the Northwest Side in 2014, has been convicted of murder.</p> <p><a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/suspects/adam-ruiz/">Adam Ruiz</a>, 23, was found guilty of two counts of murder on Wednesday by a Cook County jury, following a trial that started March 10, according to Cook County state's attorney's office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.</p> <p>On July 16, 2015, Ruiz called police in Denver and confessed to strangling the 22-year-old Reyes and 18-year-old Welch, the latter of whom was his half-sister, authorities said at the time. The women, who were best friends, were killed in October 2014 in a Kelvyn Park neighborhood home, which was then set on fire.</p> <p>Ruiz, a former Chicago resident who had been living in Colorado, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and one count of aggravated arson while knowing someone was present, Chicago Police said at the time of his arrest. Detectives went to Denver and interviewed him before arresting and bringing him back to Chicago, a law enforcement source said at the time.<br /> <span id="more-24834"></span><br /> <img src="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/samantha.welch_.celia_.reyes_.facebook.4.800.cropped-300x188.jpg" alt="Samantha Welch (left) and Celia Cruz Reyes | Facebook" width="300" height="188" class="size-medium wp-image-24838" srcset="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/samantha.welch_.celia_.reyes_.facebook.4.800.cropped-300x188.jpg 300w, http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/samantha.welch_.celia_.reyes_.facebook.4.800.cropped-500x313.jpg 500w, http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2017/03/samantha.welch_.celia_.reyes_.facebook.4.800.cropped.jpg 745w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Samantha Welch (left) and Celia Cruz Reyes | Facebook</p></p> <p>On the night of the fire, Oct. 16, 2014, firefighters and police officers found the bodies of the two women in the home in the 4500 block of West Parker Avenue, authorities said. </p> <p>Autopsies initially came back inconclusive, but after Ruiz' arrest, the Cook County medical examiner's office said it had determined the women were strangled, and the fire was set to cover up the murders.</p> <p>Reyes was a Carpentersville resident, the medical examiner’s office said, but Welch’s address wasn’t known.</p> <p>Ruiz had been held without bond since being returned to Chicago on July 18, 2015. Judge Vincent Gaughan set an April 17 court date for post-trial motions and sentencing, Simonton said.</p> Jeff MayesFri, 17 Mar 2017 16:57:22 -0500http://homicides.suntimes.com/2017/03/17/guilty-verdict-in-case-of-man-charged-with-killing-samantha-welch-and-celia-cruz-reyes-and-setting-house-on-fire-to-cover-crime/Celia Cruz ReyesSamantha WelchAdam RuizMan charged after deaths of Celia Cruz Reyes and Samantha Welch in fire on NW Side ruled homicideshttp://homicides.suntimes.com/2015/07/18/man-charged-after-deaths-of-celiacruz-reyes-and-samantha-welch-in-fire-on-nw-side-ruled-homicides/<p><iframe src="http://homicides.suntimes.com/api/v1/homicides/2273.html" width="100%" height="350" frameborder=0></iframe></p> <p>By REEMA AMIN<br /> Chicago Sun-Times Wire</p> <p>A 22-year-old man will appear in court Saturday after confessing to strangling <a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/victims/celia-cruz-reyes/">Celia Cruz Reyes</a> and <a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/victims/samantha-welch/">Samantha Welch</a>, one of whom was his sister, at a Northwest Side Kelvyn Park neighborhood home last October before setting the house on fire, authorities said.<br /> <a href="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2015/07/Ruiz-Adam.jpg"><img src="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2015/07/Ruiz-Adam-240x300.jpg" alt="Adam Ruiz | Chicago Police" width="240" height="300" class="size-medium wp-image-12312" srcset="http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2015/07/Ruiz-Adam-240x300.jpg 240w, http://wordpress.homicidewatch.org/chicago/files/2015/07/Ruiz-Adam.jpg 460w" sizes="(max-width: 240px) 100vw, 240px" /></a><p class="wp-caption-text">Adam Ruiz | Chicago Police</p><br /> <a href="http://homicides.suntimes.com/suspects/adam-ruiz/">Adam Ruiz,</a> whose last known address was in Denver, Colo., was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of aggravated arson while knowing someone is present, Chicago Police said.</p> <p>Ruiz was arrested Thursday in Denver after he called authorities and admitted committing the murders, police said. Detectives went to Denver and interviewed him before arresting him and bringing him back to Chicago, a law enforcement source said.</p> <p>The source added that detectives have identified one of the victims as Ruiz’s sister.</p> <p>On the night of the fire on Oct. 16, 2014, fire and police officials found the bodies of two women at a home in the 4500 block of West Parker Avenue, authorities said. They were identified as the 22-year-old Reyes and 18-year-old Welch.<br /> <span id="more-12311"></span></p> <p>At the time, autopsies for both came back inconclusive, pending further police and fire investigation. But on Saturday, police said authorities had determined the women were strangled, and the fire was set to cover up the murders.</p> <p>It was not known which woman was Ruiz’s sister. Reyes lived in the 100 block of Birch Street in Carpentersville, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said at the time. Welch’s address wasn’t known.</p> <p>The source said Ruiz may have previously lived in Chicago, since he was arrested for retail theft here in 2007.</p> <p>In court Saturday, Ruiz was ordered held without bond.</p> Jeff MayesSat, 18 Jul 2015 10:38:15 -0500http://homicides.suntimes.com/2015/07/18/man-charged-after-deaths-of-celiacruz-reyes-and-samantha-welch-in-fire-on-nw-side-ruled-homicides/Celia Cruz ReyesSamantha WelchAdam Ruiz