Roommate charged with fatally stabbing Matusalem Dominguez-Gutierrez during drunken fight

Chicago Sun-Times

Miguel Garcia | Chicago Police

Miguel Garcia | Chicago Police

A Back of the Yards man was ordered on $1 million bond Thursday, charged with stabbing roommate Matusalem Dominguez-Gutierrez to death after a drunken fight.

Miguel Garcia called a friend after attacking Dominguez-Gutierrez on Tuesday and said the victim wasn’t “doing too well,” Cook County prosecutors said in court.

Garcia, 43, had been drinking with Dominguez-Gutierrez and another roommate earlier that day when a fight broke out between Garcia and Dominguez-Gutierrez in the apartment, Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Howroyd said.

Garcia threatened Dominguez-Gutierrez during the fight in the 1700 block of West 51st, Howroyd said.

After Dominguez-Gutierrez fell asleep, Garcia stabbed him in the inner thigh, striking his femoral artery, Howroyd said.

The witness, who Garcia called, came to the apartment and found Dominguez-Gutierrez, 30, lying in the vestibule bleeding and unresponsive, Howroyd said.

That person called 911 and tried calling Garcia, but he didn’t answer, Howroyd said.

When police arrived, they followed the blood trail leading to the apartment the men shared, Howroyd said.

The officers noticed that blood inside the apartment had been mopped up and that water was still running in the bathroom.

Soon, Garcia called the friend he rang earlier and allegedly admitted to getting into a fight with Dominguez-Gutierrez and stabbing him.

Garcia then walked up to the apartment and was arrested, Howroyd said.

As assistant public defender said Garcia has no criminal background and last worked at an area restaurant.

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