Comment of the Day: “My cousin was our everything and we’re gonna miss him dearly!!!”

Javan Boyd was fatally shot near U.S Cellular Field in February. Reader Lakeisha Odom posted this about him:

I would like to thank the cpd for everything, but trust me we will not rest until this entire lil click is brought down, my cousin did not deserve this. these young men think there above the law because they rap and they have [artist] signing them on, but as god is my witness justice [will] be served. i gotta believe that!! my family has been through a lot but this one really put a whole in our hearts he was all we left after his mom and siblings died.. i pray for his mom too it can not be easy knowing your child is a cold blooded murder, so my heart goes out to his family. [I] wouldn’t want anyone feeling this pain that my family and i are feeling..but they must be stopped, if they don’t bring this entire click down more [innocent] people are gonna get killed they are known for killing and getting away with it, my cousin was our everything and we’re gonna miss him dearly!!! R.I.BALLHEAD!!!!

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