Comment of the Day: “If anybody knows anything please come forward”

Jeromy Ellis was fatally shot early Thursday in the Chatham neighborhood. Reader Katrina Holcomb posted this about him:

Jeromy was a good hard working man ive been with for 13yrs he wasnt perfect but I can guarantee he wasnt bothering anybody he was on his way home from work listening to his headphones. If anybody knows anything please come forward he didnt deserve this and someone needs to be brought to justice for this senseless [killing]. They never take time to put people family into consideration what if it was you or your family member. I dont know what happen but whatever it was it wasnt worth taking his life he was a very humbled person who would mind his business and never bothered anybody. If he had an altercation with someone prior to his murder he would have took a different route. I can tell you it wasnt gang related he didnt gangbang he changed his life but he would protect his self if he had to hell who wouldnt

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