Second man charged with role in gunfight that left his friend Antinino Walker dead in Avalon Park shootout

Chicago Sun-Times

Alden Welch | Chicago Police

Alden Welch | Chicago Police

A South Side man was ordered held on a $600,000 bond Tuesday for his alleged involvement in a gunfight that left his friend Antinino Walker dead in Avalon Park last winter.

Alden Welch was charged with murder in connection with the shootout that left Walker dead on March 3.

Walker was with Welch and Isreal Taylor when he was killed in a shootout between Taylor and a 25-year-old man who apparently owed Welch money from a dice game, Cook County prosecutors said Tuesday.

That man had spoken with Welch on the phone on March 3 about paying Welch back, Assistant State’s Attorney Jamie Santini said.

When Welch told the man he’d come over to collect the debt that day, the man told Welch to come to his house in 8000 block of South Dante. He told Welch he should come alone, Santini said.

Isreal Taylor | Chicago Police

Isreal Taylor | Chicago Police

The man who was to meet Welch got a handgun and went to the side door of his house, when he saw the three approaching, Santini said. He asked Welch why he had come with the other two when he clearly stated he didn’t want anyone else there.

That’s allegedly when Taylor pulled a gun and started shooting at the man through the door. The man was struck in the neck and fell to the ground. He was able to pull his 9mm handgun and return fire, Santini said.

A bullet hit the 28-year-old Walker. Taylor was also shot in the arm.

Taylor, Walker and Welch were able to run and drive away in a car, Santini said. The driver of the car took the men to Jackson Park Hospital. Their rival was also taken to Jackson Park Hospital by a friend, Santini said.

Witnesses said they saw Welch and Taylor in the Avalon Park street where the bullets were fired, Santini said.

Taylor, 21, was taken into custody at the hospital. He is being held on a a $700,000 bond while he awaits trial. .

Authorities later learned that Welch had fled the state and issued a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested in Houston and extradited to Chicago on Monday.

Welch allegedly admitted to others that when he went to his rival’s house, he, Taylor and Walker went to do a “lick”—or a robbery.

The plan was to rob the victim of cannabis and cash, Santini said. Welch told others he knew Taylor had a gun, Santini said.

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