Bernadette Glomski strangled by friend, who took her Link card and left her body covered on couch, prosecutors say

Chicago Sun-Times

John Skyblue Antone | Chicago Police

John Skyblue Antone | Chicago Police

Prosecutors say an Arizona man strangled his friend Bernadette Glomski with two electrical cords in her Logan Square apartment in 2015, then used her Link card hours later.

John Skyblue Antone had left Glomski on the couch with her jacket covering her neck after the April 2015 murder in the 2500 block of West Moffat, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Becky Walters said in court Tuesday.

When her friends came in the next day, they thought the 58-year-old was sleeping and left her there, Walters said.

One of those friends had been with Antone and Glomski in the basement apartment on April 13, 2015.

The next day, one of the friends came back and found Glomski in the same position, Walters said.

This time, the friend went closer and realized Glomski was dead. The friend called 911.

Glomski had a bruise on her left upper cheek, and marks and bruising around her neck, Walters said. The two wires around her neck included a cellphone charging cable, Walters said.

She was wearing a glove on her right hand that looked as if it was discolored by bleach, Walters said. A bottle of bleach, a knife and several cans of beer were on a table next to the lifeless body, Walters said.

A rape kit was administered.

Meanwhile, on April 15, 2015, Walters said video surveillance showed Antone using Glomski’s Link card at a gas station. He never came back to the apartment, Walters said.

Recent tests concluded Antone’s DNA was found on Glomski, Walters said. His DNA also cannot be eliminated as a possible source on the ligature cord, and his palm print was found on the bleach bottle, Walters said.

Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. ordered the 29-year-old Antone, of Sacaton, Arizona, held without bond.

Antone has previous convictions for armed robbery and aggravated DUI in Arizona.

He has held jobs in the automotive industry and other labor trades, an assistant public defender said.

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