UPDATE: Chicago Police statement on violence in Logan Square

On Friday, Homicide Watch Chicago reported that the Logan Square community has recorded five murders so far this year, putting it in a tie for third among Chicago’s 77 official community areas.

Chicago Police released the following statement about the violence in the area:

CPD is constantly analyzing the latest crime data, trends or patterns, which allows us to adjust officer deployment, tweak strategies that could be more effective and expand efforts that are delivering promising results as we work to continue reducing crime and violence. Today the 14th police district, which covers most of Logan Square, is home to some of CPD’s most forward thinking efforts, which we believe will build relationships with area residents and improve the safety of the community.

Last year CPD launched a pilot domestic violence response program to help break the cycle of domestic violence, in partnership with prosecutors and service providers. The district is also home to the body camera pilot program, which is ushering in a new level of transparency. And the district has developed a very strong, engaging community policing program that will continue to build relationships with residents as we work together to reduce crime.

Finally, while it may not be violent crime, the district assisted in an investigation of catalytic converter thefts that had been affecting Logan Square and other communities in Chicago. The investigation culminated in a raid on a recycling plant two weeks ago, and since then the number of catalytic converter thefts have dropped dramatically in the district.

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