Man charged with killing 53-year-old Kenneth Allen, an innocent bystander, during 2016 fight in Austin

Chicago Sun-Times

After Eddie Brown was body-slammed by his rival during an fight in Austin last year, he got in his car and drove away. But Brown allegedly returned with a gun and opened fire, killing bystander Kenneth Allen.

Eddie Brown | Cook County Sheriff's Dept.

Eddie Brown | Cook County Sheriff’s Dept.

It happened the night of April 21, 2016, in the 1600 block of North Luna, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Sheila York said in court Friday.

When Brown came back to the scene, he first pointed the gun at the man who had hit him. But Brown didn’t shoot at him. Instead, he fired down the street of the residential neighborhood, striking the 53-year-old Allen, York said.

A person who was walking with Allen laid him down in the grass and ran across the street to a home to call 911, York said.

The bullet entered Allen’s lower abdomen and lodged in his left buttock. He died the next day.

Brown, of Lisle, was identified by at least two witnesses as being involved in the fight prior to the shooting, York said. One of those witnesses also said Brown was Allen’s shooter, York said.

Before ordering Brown held without bond, Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil said, “It blows my mind why the defendant chose to shoot where the victim was.”

Brown has previous weapons and drug convictions.

Brown supports three children and works in construction, his attorney Jeffrey Granich said. He pointed out to the judge that a tentative ID was not made of his client until months after Allen died.

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